February 11, 2002

So the job opportunities seem to be rolling in. At least, a bunch of ideas are. Here's a sampling:

From Mitch: "We did go to the National Building Museum which I had never been to. Beautiful building. Our docent that gave us the tour was really annoying. I told Greg that you would make a great docent at a museum. You love art, you are so smart, you are just so darn likeable and so cute that you would be the best docent in the whole wide world. Seriously, if you have some free time, you should consider doing that."

That one made me laugh out loud.

But more seriously, Lisa sent me this:
don't know what you're thinking of regarding your return to new york -- but there is a nyc teaching fellow program, to recruit successful, non-teachers to join the school system. you make a commitment to teach for two years, get paid full salary, and get a master's in education fully paid during the two years you're teaching, and an extra $4,700 stipend each year to take other classes you're interested in (or put toward your student loan.)

deadline to apply is march 1 -- it's pretty easy -- just filling out an application, sending a resume and writing a letter -- then they screen and have a formal interview process. in case this is of any interest to you, here is the website:

And most glam of all, Albert suggested "If you are able to spend time in paris en route back to the states, stop in at the following three bars: Buddha Bar in the st honoré, Barfly on avenue George V, and Barrio Latino on rue Faubourg St Antoine near the Bastille. It's quite doable to hop through all three in one evening, having some sushi or tapas at the bar at each. Buddha Bar would be the most important of the three. [...] The whole thing is premised on exotica, foreign themes, etc., like high-end hard rock cafés. While the whole thing is kind of vapidly glamourous, you have the background they would need." The best part is that I could live in Paris!

And of course, I can always go to Santa Monica, live with Mica and Ari, Mike, and Lori, and perhaps plant myself back in kindergarten with Mica with perhaps some graduate school on the side.

I live on a lucky star or what because I've got good people in my life.

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