July 30, 2006

How To Pay Rent, Get Famous, and Wake Up Before Noon

Matt Yeager is one of the funniest guys I know. He writes How To Pay Rent, Get Famous, and Wake Up Before Noon and is a writer for a new sitcom debuting online, The Burg, set in Brooklyn. Cast and Crew info.

Somebody, make this guy famous.

July 27, 2006


I spent all Sunday volunteering at Dogfest, a street party, dog party, and fundraiser for the Cian Griffin Cystic Fibrosis fund. Super fun. Great dogs. Good times.

Dogfest 2006
Dogfest 2006Dogfest 2006Dogfest 2006Dogfest 2006
Dogfest 2006Dogfest 2006Dogfest 2006Dogfest 2006

July 16, 2006

More tea, please.

At any Chinese or Vietnamese restaurant, placing the teapot lid upside down is the universal asian non-verbal cue for "More tea, please."
More tea please

July 11, 2006

Goodbye, Uncle Mark

Uncle Mark & Dad, 1993Washington Post obituary and New York Times obituary for F. Mark Wyatt. Dad and Uncle Mark in 1993, who, to our great sadness, passed away on June 29.

My earliest memories in life are those we shared with the Wyatt family and my avuncular Uncle Mark in their home in Georgetown our first few Christmases in America. Goodbye, Uncle Mark.

July 04, 2006

To Fly Over the Tour de France

I never thought the Tour or Google could get any cooler -- not only am I a die hard Tour de France fan (watching since the good old days with Big Mig), I'm also a die hard Google Earth (among many Google products) fan. I've written about Google Earth before, but this is the full 3D route of the Tour de France on Google Earth!

If you don't have Google Earth, download it here and now because frankly, it's the one of the coolest free tools on the internet.

Here are the top ten sites visited on Google Earth. There's also externally published content by folks like Discovery National Parks Tours.

Perfect for killing time at a boring job. Luckily, I only work a few months a year.

July 02, 2006


I've been hanging in hot Orlando, Florida... but mom's delicious food makes up for it. This particular dish is known as "banh beo" -- small round rice cakes, about 1/8" thin, one and a half inches in diameter, and a plateful of them is topped with shredded shrimp, mashed mung beans, garlic, chilies, sauteed green onions, and sweet fish sauce. It's perfect for summer.

banh beo with dau xanh