November 27, 2002

Pop Up Magic

On Saturday, November 30, 12:00 noon - 2:00pm
Go to paper engineer genius Robert Sabuda's book signing for his new POP-UP BEST SELLER, The Night Before Christmas, at
Books of Wonder
16 West 18th Street
New York City

November 21, 2002

Nekkid Customers you say?

I was briefly browsing on Amazon tonight looking at a Pastry Chef book. The page tells me the "Great Buy" deal where if I buy this book and another related one they advertise, I get a special deal on them. Next is the section where they remark on a bunch of other cookbooks under the heading "Customers who bought this book also bought:"

Next section I get what you see below. Uh, Customers who wear clothes... ??? I looked twice, couldn't believe my eyes. Copied their code down and took a screen shot. Sent the link to Kiki, but then it was gone. Nothing there. Refreshed the code... it was gone too. Then, I kept refreshing and it came back! Refreshed a last time and the new text, now FIXED, read "Customers who shopped for this item also wear:" so I guess they're selling to their naked customers too. But really, what does a naked one do with clean underwear (as opposed to what?). Clean underwear at the Gap is still on the amazon site.

Here's the code - the links should work

Customers who wear clothes also shop for:Explore more in Amazon's new Apparel Store

November 19, 2002

Have luggage, must travel

click to enlarge
Samsonite by Starck, can't get any better than that -- except, of course, FREE Samsonite by Starck!!!
What's that I say? Some months ago, Samsonite threw a PR "Samsonite by Starck" game where one had to answer a few questions (I can't even recall what) about the hip Philippe Starck, enter some personal info, and voila -- game entry. I got an email today announcing that "...the Samsonite by Stark game is over and you have won!" which at first I thought was junk mail or a joke, when I quickly remembered I had participated. Lo and behold, I visit the site and there my name is on the winners' list among 199 others from Australia to Zimbabwe indicating the prize I've won, beautifully showcased here.

November 17, 2002

A+ for the A-flat

Moved by Elgar's Symphony No. 1 in A-flat at Avery Fisher Hall tonight. New York Philharmonic. Kaly got Hung and I box tickets where the sound is great (not in one of the dead spots on the floor) and we were in for a true treat. Kaly had actually gone to the Thursday and Friday night performances as well -- it was that good!

November 10, 2002

Professional Pictionarian

Oh, and highlight of the night is that after going to the party, I went to Enrique & Vinnie's for a board game night and played Pictionary with my favorite children's book author, illustrator, and paper engineer, Robert Sabuda and wondered -- is it fair that we had an artist on our team? We won, but I think the team effort was pretty even. Plus, my team won Taboo afterwards too.


Dennis' 30th Birthday party tonight was at The Screening Room, one of NYC's coolest locations where you can combine great parties with movies. Plus, they play Breakfast at Tiffany's every Sunday at 1:30. Every Sunday. Yeah, every Sunday.

November 07, 2002


too much too little
no energy to write interestingly....