December 21, 2005

The Little Lion

I think my sister is keeping a little lion in her house.


Rothko-esque. I've always been a big fan of Mark Rothko, and last month viewed the small exhibit (in addition to the permanent collection) of his work at the National Gallery of Art in D.C. I took this photo on the airplane on my way to Hawaii... it just made me think of him.

December 20, 2005

My excuse for everything.

Check this out.

This explains a lot about my siblings and I.

Or, well, this, too.

December 17, 2005

Da plane! Da plane!

I landed on the island of Kauai today. It's late (I seem to adjust to time changes eastbound quite well), and the waves are loudly crashing at our back porch. Reminds me of Vietnam. Only not as cheap.

Post script: Do my references to Fantasy Island age me?

December 13, 2005

Theme Building

Cool pics of the Theme Building, where the Encounter restaurant is located. Image by Janie Fitzgerald, Axis Images.

Eat like the Jetsons

The Encounter at LAX The Encounter The Maitre d' desk-esque Interior of the Encounter Restaurant

Ever wonder what that odd building at LAX was?It's not quite the Jetsons, but sure looks like it. The Encounter is located in the landmark Theme Building at LAX airport and has surprisingly good grub for an airport venue... the chef is trained in France!

7000 Feet Below Zero

7000 ft Below Zero Well, we were at 7000 feet, and the temperatures were well below zero... wind chill surely had us in the negative teens or negative twenties as we were jumping away at Olympic Park. On Tuesday, the noon high was -4. We were forced to scrape ice off the inside of the car -- condensation from breathing. When we pulled into the garage, the fog rolled out. The sunny spots on the black asphalt steamed in the winter freeze.
Oh, I'm not complaining. Just looking forward to Friday in Hawaii.

December 02, 2005

On Air

I happen to love flying. I don't mean traveling. The actual flying part, I enjoy it.

Today we flew over the Grand Canyon. It ranks at the top of the "cool things I've seen from an airplane" list. Among others, seeing the aurora borealis (northern lights) -- I mean, swimming in the lights from our plane -- on my nighttime departure from Anchorage, Alaska; seeing the Space Shuttle in flight while I myself was in flight en route to Orlando; and seeing Niagra Falls from above on a return flight from Asia.

I also revel in the take off. Perhaps this is its own disorder? Mr. Garwood suggested I might have "restless feet syndrome."