January 13, 2006

2200 lbs of firewood

When I called today for firewood, the young girl who answered told me it would be 13Euro per quintale, and how many quintali would I like? Not knowing what a quintale was, I told her perhaps I'd like one. She said that was not enough, so I asked for the minimum. "Dieci quintali," I'm told. Well, okay, if I must, I'll take it I say. I gave her my info, hung up the phone, and looked up the word "quintale."

quinta'le: n.m. a hundred kilograms.

Um, that means I just ordered 1000kg of firewood. That translates to 2200 pounds of wood. That sounds like a LOT of wood. I checked with my trusty contact, Grace, who lived here previously and she assured me that it sounded correct. All right, so next week, I get my first delivery of firewood. I'll let you know what comes in.

Ed. note: Here's the follow-up post and pictures.

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