January 17, 2006

just an update

The jet lag is terrible; I'm sleepy at 3 or 4 p.m., which is not even a decent bedtime in Hawaii so it doesn't make any sense. I'm stuck in no land's time. It really has taken me awhile to slowly settle in -- just buying the staples of milk, butter, eggs, cheese and bread took me a couple of days, though now I'm better stocked with veggies, juice, etc. I'm learning.

Other than Daria's birthday and a pizza, I've been cooking my own meals, which I think is what all the locals do. I haven't ventured to buy meat yet, except for the cold cuts at the small grocer's. Soon, I'll give it a try.

I'm also thinking about venturing on the bus to Citta' della Pieve for their Saturday market at the end of the week. Otherwise, no big adventures to speak of. Just small local ones. Still recovering from firewood fiasco. A presto.

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