March 31, 2007


I love vintage things because often, they're just better designed and better manufactured. Companies go the cheap route these days, and mass production has taken the quality out of most things.

On the way back from Myrtle Beach, I saw this vintage Esso station, est. 1912. I jumped, of course.

Pee Dee Farms Vintage Esso Service Station, 1912
At the Pee Dee Farms Esso Service Station, South Carolina. Vintage, est. 1912Pee Dee Farms Esso Service StationPee Dee Farms Esso Service StationPee Dee Farms Esso Service StationPee Dee Farms Esso Service Station

March 21, 2007


Seattle had awesome jump spots.
West SeattleJump UW Quad!Jump Volunteer Park!Jump Kerry Park!Jump Pike Place Market!West SeattleJump Lake Washington!Jump University of Washington!Jump University of Washington!SAM

and of course, the Starbucks HQ...we just happened to be at a restaurant supply place across the street.
Jump Starbucks HQ

March 13, 2007

The windy city

On my way to Seattle, I popped into Chicago... there were lots of ice floes just beneath us in the water here, so even if it didn't look so cold, I'm sure it was.

I love what I get to see from the sky.
Chicago Skyline

March 10, 2007

Small town, big city.

Ok, so living in the city is a lot like living in a small town. When I used to live in Greenwich Village, my neighbors knew me, the butcher, the cheese guy... they all recognized me. If it'd been a while since I'd visited, they'd inquire if I was on vacation, or after my health.

Kindness at the Liquor StoreSo living in Dupont Circle with my friend is no different. He told me about how he was at the Cairo liquor store the other day, talking to the owner about a coffee liquor, so the guy says, oh, he'll order some. Four days later, my friend is in the store and guess what? Yeah, four bottles of the liquor were on the shelf and so my friend gets a bottle. Imagine that actually ever happening in your local Giant (Ralph's, Safeway, Piggly Wiggly or what have you)...another good reason to avoid the suburbs. Cool, huh?