December 30, 2006

Night Walk in NYC

Christmas in Midtown
If you've never taken a walk through New York City at night during the winter holidays, add it to your list of things to do in life.
Christmas in MidtownGrand Central TerminalGrand Central TerminalBryant Park Ice Skating Rink

December 27, 2006

NYC holidays

Happy holidays from NYC... I'll be here for a couple of weeks.

Empire State Building

photo taken from my old street corner in Greenwich Village, 2003.

December 21, 2006

Could I ask for anything more?

Happy holidays to us from the generous folks at flickr, now with unlimited uploading of photos.

I can catch up with uploading all my old snaps and have a great place to store the visual adventure of my life.

Fishing Boats, Mui Nebig breakfastskydivesnowybleeckerSurfboard fenceCinque Centorocker.kid.catSanta Monica Pier

December 05, 2006

Water outweighs Gold.

A friend of mine who lives in Africa and India forwarded me a chain e-mail about the Pascua Lama project.

I researched it and found that the Campaign against the Pascua Lama project in the Andean peaks (between Argentina & Chile) is indeed true -- though the folks at Snopes (where, as a responsible netizen, you should always double-check your chain mail & urban legends) indicate that the chain letter doesn't show the complete picture. I also found the petition site to sign where your signature will be counted, rather than signing the chain e-mail.

Here's more information:
Wikipedia on Pascua Lama.
Snopes' review of the chain letter.
MiningWatch, Canada's Campaign against Barrick Gold's Pascua Lama project
Barrick Gold Corporation's response to the chain mail. They also have a Q&A.
Upon making your own judgment of the case, you can sign the petition against mining (or not).