November 29, 2005

Flight Plan.

My upcoming schedule:
Nov 24 to Nov 30: Orlando, FL
Nov 30 to Dec 1: Arlington, VA
Dec 1 to Dec 3: Santa Monica, CA
Dec 3 to Dec 8: Park City, UT
Dec 8 to Dec 16: Santa Monica, CA
Dec 16 to Jan 2: Kapaa', Kauai, HI
Jan 3 to Jan 6: Arlington, VA
Jan 6 to May-ish: Monteleone, Umbria, Italy
Post May: TBD

November 18, 2005

la dolce vita

My new home in Italy This is where I'm moving in January. Four hundred years old, four stories, on the main piazza of a cobblestone village in Umbria. Views from the terraces and fireplace. One baker, two butchers, a grocer, two restaurants, and a pizzeria.


November 17, 2005

People are REAL nice.

I got a free Motorola Razr phone at the T-mobile store today.

November 07, 2005

Opera on the Mall

Fall leaves and American Indian Museum Half the crowd National Gallery of Art, West Wing on a Fall Day Long shadow

Porgy & Bess Simulcast & Capitol After an interesting lunch at the American Indian Museum, Mike and Eileen and I took up on free Opera on the mall; a simulcast of Porgy & Bess on a gorgeous autumn day with the Capitol in the background. We didn't get through it all, though, since we were also off to see "I Am Cuba" -- a Soviet propaganda piece brought to the U.S. by Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorcese in the '90s.