August 13, 2004

We Rattle for No One

My brother once said to my sister: "We're Us. We Rattle for No One." It's weird. My siblings and I have an ego-manaical nature when we think of ourselves as a family unit.

But damn, when I meet someone who shakes me up, I don't think I know quite what to do. Speechless, and what words that come out, tumble awkwardly forth. I'm hyper-aware of my words, yet lack control over them. I met someone recently who does this to me. I don't understand it. This doesn't happen to me. Jonathan in New York would be shocked. In his words, "you have an impermeable confidence." I guess he's wrong.

Qualities that rattle us? Fame? Fortune? No way. We know plenty of those. It's Family. It's intelligence, creativity and personal success. Human kindness. People who have their shit together and their priorities straight. People who put Family first. Food second. And yeah, I'm kidding about the food part. Kind of.

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