June 26, 2009

Kodak Moments

Mill House Day 3
Mill House, Day 2The Mill House
The mill house is one of my favorite quiet spots on earth. It sits by the river where I can hear the water rushing below me as I nap on the porch. My friends, the loving proprietors, come with it, making it all the more extraordinary.

As appraisers of music ephemera -- anything from a bust of Beethoven, centuries-old sheet music, harps, books, antiquities, etchings, and the correspondence of composers and conductors -- Gene and Marianne are two of the most fascinating friends I've ever known. They've got incredible funny stories, and a cool job.

During this particular weekend at the mill house, Gene sorted through the letters of Leopold Mannes: a composer as well as the co-inventor of Kodachrome -- by content into a music pile and a photography pile. The most interesting letter to me? The one by Eleanor Roosevelt.
Mill House Day 3The Mill House
The Mill House
Letter from Eleanor RooseveltLetter from Eleanor Roosevelt
Letter from Eleanor RooseveltSorting the letters of Leopold Mannes
The Mill House
The Mill HouseThe Mill HouseThe Mill HouseThe Mill HouseThe Mill House