October 20, 2005

No Conspiracy

Lots of color printers leave behind a series of yellow dots, indicating the time, date, and serial number -- making documents traceable. Interesting.

October 10, 2005

Air Addiction

I am addicted to flight. Lucky me scored a free trip to Hawaii using frequent flyer miles to go with Mike and Lori and family. Well, you know, two weeks in Hawaii grew to two weeks in Hawaii AND two weeks in Santa Monica since frequent flyer miles let you do a free stopover. Why not add a vacation to my vacation, I thought?

After a dozen flights and 18 months of vacation, I finally got a job at the end of August. Sure, I didn't work more than ten days before I took off to New York. A week later I flew to Columbus. Just back from that, I masterminded my December plans to spend two lovely sunny winter weeks in Santa Monica before going to Hawaii for the holidays, to return January 2nd to the east coast. The idea is that I'll return to Washington, grab my things, and get up to NYC to set down my roots someplace and pick up some work.

The problem with planning a one month vacation is that I can't plan more vacations. Or so I thought. I just booked a six day trip in the middle of my vacation to go to the lovely resort town of Park City, Utah to visit old friends Lori and Ori (who refer to themselves as L'Ori). A vacation within a vacation within a vacation. Now, where to next?