February 14, 2006

Life Doesn't Suck

Life does not suck
JK has been trekking me all over the Umbrian countryside by foot, bus, and car. We walked 5k to Montegabbione nearby and back. The next day we headed to Toscana by bus towards Montalcino. We didn't make it the whole way, but we did see the small town of Buonconvento and the walled city of Montepulciano. The next day, we walked 6k to Città della Pieve for the morning market. Yesterday, Silvano took us to Cortona (beautiful hilly town!). After that, Roma.

Free afternoons are spent soaking up the afternoon sun on the terraces and studying Italian with a bottle of wine. Me with my books, and JK with audio. He giggles when he gets one right. Evenings after dinner, we hang by the fire amid music, books, and wine.

Often, between our glasses of wine, in front of the fire, on the sunny terraces, or a tavola, JK reminds me: "You've made a nice little life here."

To quote him, I reply, "It doesn't suck."

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