February 20, 2006

be jealous

valentinesJK and I saw the most stunning red moon on Valentine's day. I woke up to a cute little handmade card he stitched together with paper arrows for me (we didn't have tape in the house) and we took a day trip out to Perugia. On the way back, this incredible moon appeared and followed us all the way home.

Here's his message to a friend:
Tonight we had one of the most amazing moons I have ever seen. It was so close and so big and so bright. I am talking enormous. As the bus carved its way through the foothills of the mountain on our way to the village, this huge, orange moon kept ducking behind the mountains and trees, at times making the forest look as if it were on fire. This truly has been one of those nights when you lie in bed and think "Christ, am I the only one in the world who noticed that moon?"

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