February 06, 2006

Walking on the Rhythm Section

Gig in Bassano di Grappa At first, I felt like just a groupie. The host of the house party asked if I knew how to sing. "Badly," I answered. Later, he asked the band how he should introduce me to his guests. "Oh, she just walks on the rhythm section," Kirk told him.

Kirk took me out to Bassano di Grappa for a gig he was playing. Roberto, the sweet and mirthful drummer, tried to massage bassist Giacomo's sore back. I suggested I walk on him, so without hesitation, he plopped right on to the host's kitchen floor, and I walked. Not to miss out, Roberto claimed a turn as soon as Giacomo got up (after much cracking of joints). We decided I could at least qualify for my second requirement that I hold to all items I own: to be utile, and thus, I suppose, not a groupie at all.

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