February 28, 2006


Silvano stopped by today to bring me an egg beater. Something was lost in translation and he brought me a blender instead. Of course, this could very well be because he thought blenders and egg beaters are the same. He hung out a while for my “Italian lesson.” We covered funerals and curse words tonight. There’s a funeral tomorrow in town. He says the whole town will be going, first to the church and then to the cemetery nearby. A young 67 year old man who was well known in town passed away after a two month long illness. Nam mo a di da Phat.

After extended conversation, and with no disrespect to the gentleman who passed away, we ended up discussing curse words. We covered what I learned from the Italians I worked with in New York, and then Silvano clarified a few others for me, and a few dialect words. Perhaps the mark of passable fluency is when others begin to teach bestemmia and parolacia.

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