February 27, 2006

To Fly

Much of the following two posts recap recent conversations I've had with JK while he was here. We spend a lot of time talking about love and life.

Uprooting yourself and discarding your residence is quite an unsettling experience. I've done it countless times over the last ten years of my life.

You're flying though you sometimes feel like you're falling – it's hard to tell – and you're not sure if there’s someplace where you can put your feet down. The first time you do it, you feel a little wobbly. You're not sure if you'll float, you can’t control your direction as acutely as you will later learn, you can’t understand everything you see from your new viewpoint, and you're a little nervous. It's shaky business. I'm lucky. I have landing zones all across the country. When I get tired, I find places that feel like home where I can rest for brief periods. No matter how far you glide, you always find that you want to be back among the people you love.

On the other hand, flying is fun. You get the hang of it after a while, where each take off is easier than the last. Your new perspective is inspiring, your soul liberated, and the impact you have on others, and others upon you, is diverse and powerful. My friend Dan once wrote to me: "I know you are always going to be sort of floating around in the stratosphere dropping in on everyone from time to time to dish out your special brand of love and joy before fluttering off again." If you choose to fly, enjoy it. You'll learn much about yourself, your surroundings, and the meaning of life. And then you'll land when you’re good and ready.

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