February 26, 2006

Standing in the Sunshine

Don’t believe people when they tell you that you can’t do something. Throw out all the reasons why you can’t, and start thinking about why you can. In 1996, after my first AIDS Ride, I figured out what it meant to do something I thought was impossible. But it turned out to be possible. I didn’t just step outside the box. I shattered it.

The same is true with food. After years of testing my taste for olives, in our three weeks together, JK has converted me into an olive eater, and I’ve turned him on to artichokes – every preparation possible. When we were in Rome, I suggested we order an appetizer neither of us ever would have ordered under normal circumstances. We chose the peperoncino con acciughe – mini peppers stuffed with anchovies and capers. A successful gastronomical adventure.

JK and I talk about stepping beyond our boundaries constantly. Forcing ourselves to do it, whether it means trying a new food, moving to a new country, climbing an unknown staircase, embracing new people into our lives, taking a leap of faith. And then landing on our feet.

I know I can do anything. I can go anywhere. And I’m always going to be all right. Once you break your boundaries, you open a world filled with acute sensations and grand opportunity. Living in your box – your limits – is like living in your state and never crossing the borders. Imagine all those Americans who have never left their state. Imagine all those Americans who have never left the United States. Imagine never moving beyond your boundaries.

Cross your fence.
You’ll find yourself on the other side… still standing… in the sunshine.

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