February 13, 2006

Food and Wine

Dinner tonight was excellent. Fresh ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta which I sauteed with some butter, sage and truffles. JK pulled together a pear, blue cheese and walnut (freshly cracked from the shell, then sauteed) salad. Artichokes with a balsamic butter dip for our appetizer. We've gotten good at varying our diet although we do go through plenty of delicious tomatoes, mozzarella, marinated artichoke hearts, crackers, pecorino, and olives nearly every day. By the timne we're having our dinner, we're talking about the next. It's much more fun cooking for two than one, so I'm eating so much better with his company. I'm also drinking much more. "Would you like some wine?" he asks. And then justifies. "It's almost four o'clock."

The bottle opener broke tonight, so JK ran out to the alimentari to see if we could pick up a new one. Somehow, he and Maria were able to communicate that there weren't any left for sale, but we could borrow theirs for a minute. He came home and we opened a bottle. We paused. We were thinking the same thing. "Will we be having one or two?" Since we'd already started on another one earlier in the day, we figured one ought to be enough and he ran off to return the necessary gadget to Maria.

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