May 25, 2003

Air Family

My sister got married at a food and wine museum. Need I say more?
Two weeks ago, we all went out to Napa, California to celebrate the marriage of Kiki and Emil at Copia - the same place where Julia Child celebrated her birthday. The family all got together in a gorgeous house in Napa Valley, we ate well, drank well, and were awfully merry. Cousins re-unite. Totally fun. Had a Mother's Day Brunch the following Sunday in honor of mom and Joan (Emil's mom), and all the other moms who joined us. Man, I love my family.


Live webcam of Copia
Here's a live web cam of where the wedding was held (the ceremony took place down on the lower left corner of the web image where those tables and chairs are). The cocktail and photos were taken in the gardens.

May 06, 2003

Verizon Sucks

I can't even go into it.
But I haven't had a dial tone on my phone for five days now.