February 22, 2006

Fancy Schmancy

Wish I could post pix, but you'll just have to imagine a bunch of silly Americans jumping all over Italy. JK, Tracy and I spent two days in Firenze, and we're in Venezia now; heading to Ferrara and Bologna tomorrow, before returning to Monteleone.

While food and views are great, music could use some help. JK and I took a bus to Perugia to the tune of "That's Amore" (imagine how surreal this experience truly is, to listen to Dean Martin singing that song on a bus in Italy), and while in a white linen restaurant having seafood, we were exposed to not the Bee Gees, but Bee Gees covers and "YMCA" among other selections.

Our meals have been fabulous, even when accompanied by a Mexican mariachi band. Tonight we head out to a fancy schmancy dinner for Tracy's birthday. Come se dice "fancy schmancy" in italiano?

ed. update: jump!
Jump Perugia Jump Assisi

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