January 23, 2006

Tuna, Kirk, and Howling Winds

I detest blogs that discuss such boring topics as the weather and making obvious statements like "I brushed my teeth this morning." Usually, when people write about something they ate, that's pretty boring too. What follows is not any more interesting, but let's face it. This is a blog for family and friends who want to know what I'm doing. So let me just say...

I had a tuna fish sandwich for lunch today, the first meal I've made that isn't Italian in the least.

Kirk, from Hawaii, who is in the process of buying a house near Venezia, phoned today as I returned home from the alimentari. I hope to take a couple of days to visit him before JK arrives. I have never been to Venice!

Spent some time at the café today. It's -3C and the wind is passing through these cobblestoned streets with the force and speed of the express train in New York City.

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