January 16, 2006

A ton of logs.

Here's the background post to this one.

A ton of logs.
Actually, more than a ton. I moved more than 2,310 pounds of logs today. When they deliver, what they mean is, "We dump the load at your front door." Literally. So it took me about 45 trips of about 20 logs each (800-1000 logs) from the pile at the front door to these neat stacks in the living room. Now, I don't plan to live like this. I just had to get it in the house. After I get my energy back, I'll try to move a load to the basement... or something! All this, with some piles three or four deep, and I'm good at packing!!!

It took me about two hours, and then about a half hour just to clean up after the mess (three grocery bags full of bark, scraps, dust, and dirt that I have to take out to the dumpster tomorrow). I thought about the AIDS rides. I thought about the Arlington County Fair. No comparison, this was definitely easier. But it WASN'T EASY!

If you click on the photo, you can see the related photos. Remind me next time, some things should not be handled alone!

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Kiki said...

oh Hani. Words fail me.