November 19, 2002

Have luggage, must travel

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Samsonite by Starck, can't get any better than that -- except, of course, FREE Samsonite by Starck!!!
What's that I say? Some months ago, Samsonite threw a PR "Samsonite by Starck" game where one had to answer a few questions (I can't even recall what) about the hip Philippe Starck, enter some personal info, and voila -- game entry. I got an email today announcing that "...the Samsonite by Stark game is over and you have won!" which at first I thought was junk mail or a joke, when I quickly remembered I had participated. Lo and behold, I visit the site and there my name is on the winners' list among 199 others from Australia to Zimbabwe indicating the prize I've won, beautifully showcased here.

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