November 21, 2002

Nekkid Customers you say?

I was briefly browsing on Amazon tonight looking at a Pastry Chef book. The page tells me the "Great Buy" deal where if I buy this book and another related one they advertise, I get a special deal on them. Next is the section where they remark on a bunch of other cookbooks under the heading "Customers who bought this book also bought:"

Next section I get what you see below. Uh, Customers who wear clothes... ??? I looked twice, couldn't believe my eyes. Copied their code down and took a screen shot. Sent the link to Kiki, but then it was gone. Nothing there. Refreshed the code... it was gone too. Then, I kept refreshing and it came back! Refreshed a last time and the new text, now FIXED, read "Customers who shopped for this item also wear:" so I guess they're selling to their naked customers too. But really, what does a naked one do with clean underwear (as opposed to what?). Clean underwear at the Gap is still on the amazon site.

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