December 26, 2002

Deluxe Deal

The Washington Deluxe bus from New York to Washington, D.C. is a complete bargain at $35 roundtrip or $20 one-way as compared to Greyhound's ever-changing fares of $74-85 round trip and $42 one-way NY-DC. You've got to make a reservation (and arrive 15 minutes before boarding or risk losing your seat to a standby) which is a simple toll-free call 1-866-287-6932 or 1-718-387-7523 from New York. Though you lose the flexibility of Greyhound's every half hour or hour schedule, if the time fits, it's definitely worth using. The trip is just as comfortable on a modern tour bus complete with movie on board. The only drawback is that you're dropped off on one of two stops in D.C. on the street corner -- no station, so when the weather's bad -- be prepared.

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