March 05, 2003

Been out

Kathy, Maxine and I went to see the Transport Group's production of Requiem for William, seven short plays by William Inge (who won the Academy Award for his screenplay for Splendor in the Grass). We went to see the plays at the Connelly Theatre in the Lower East Side mostly because Matt Yeager, who temped at the firm with us was performing and we think he's pretty great.

Starting up the week was the HBO taping of DEF Poetry, with fabulous performances by so many including Saul Williams, Georgia Me, Lou Reed, and Smokey Robinson and hosted by the affable Mos Def.

Middle of my week I went to Theatre Row and caught Dirty Story at the Clurman Theatre with Stuart, an allegorical play that really makes you think! Ben Brantley reviewed it in the Times.

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