June 24, 2004

A Sign

The sign says "Work for Other People"

Where is that sign? Oh, it's not really a sign.

I once had a folder in my computer directory called "Work." I realized that ever since I quit my job, work has been coming in. Oh, this is not paid work. Well, not in the traditional sense. More like my karma bank is filling up. Regardless, I realized that while I was working on my personal project (the second reason why I quit my job), I couldn't find my files because there were too many files belonging to too many other people I've been doing work for.

Who am I doing work for? Well, I happen to stay in touch with a lot of people. They are all brilliant, industrious people who work for themselves. So I couldn't find my files. I had to change the folder name to "Work for Other People" and then created a new folder called "Work for Me." In actuality, I think I am working full-time on other peoples' projects (this includes creative copywriting, copy editing, business writing, information technology and software help, database help, inventory organization, advertising, networking, resume' writing and layout, graphic design for corporate identities, flyers, brochures, and advertisements to mention a few) and part-time on my projects (establishing an LLC, web site design, copywriting, market research, writing a business plan), so this leads me to believe that somehow, I am now working more than I ever did back in the days when I actually got paid. HMMMM.

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