July 18, 2005


Where are you visiting from?
It depends on when you ask/ed me.
April 2004: New York, NY
May 2004: Arlington, VA - Santa Monica, CA
June 2004: Santa Monica, CA - Arlington, VA
July 2004: Boston, MA - New York, NY - Arlington, VA
August 2004: Arlington, VA - Santa Monica, CA
September 2004: San Francisco, CA - Santa Monica, CA - Saigon, VN
October - December 2004: Phan Thiet, Vietnam - Saigon, Vietnam
January 2005: Saigon, VN - Santa Monica, CA - New Orleans, LA
March 2005: Santa Monica, CA - Las Vegas, NV - Grand Canyon, AZ - Arlington, VA
April 2005: Arlington, VA
May 2005: Arlington, VA - Columbus, GA - Orlando, FL
June 2005: Orlando, FL
July 2005: Orlando, FL - Arlington, VA - Santa Monica, CA

Where are you?
Today, Santa Monica, California. As of July 20, 2005, I will be in Arlington, VA.

How long will you be there?

Where are you staying?
The Doheny B&B. Thanks Mike & Eileen.

What are you going to do?
Temp for about two months so I can be non-committal with a job till I figure out what next.

Then what?
Then I'll either move back to New York or head west to Santa Monica.

What are you going to do in NY or SM?
I have no idea. But something I enjoy.

What about Vietnam?
I'm in a debate about this. If I move forward with the business I'll run some tours this winter (travel season). If not, I'm going to move to NY or SM. I was in Vietnam with some clients last winter and still have an interest in continuing. Temping in Arlington allows me the flexibility to move or to head back to 'nam.

Hope this straightens it out. Sort of.

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