May 15, 2006

boy oh boy!

Ashley and Sarah have gone and so have the hopes of all the boys in town. For some reason, they all came out of the woodwork the minute they spotted the belle ragazze. The girls left this morning at 5 a.m. ...and when I opened the door for Stefano, my friend and taxi driver, he pointed to the doorbell: three roses and a note taped to it.

I peeled it off and opened the note, and read in clearly printed English: "Three roses for three beautiful girls. Have a nice journey!"

I turned to Stefano who shrugged with "Italian men."
"It's for them," I explained, and nodded towards my friends. I've been here since January and only meet the optimistic grandfathers. Thankfully, once Ashley and Sarah showed up, all the handsome young guys did too!

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