June 01, 2006

from Cinque Terre to Washington... my last week in Italy

After the Cinque Terre, I headed back to Monteleone where Adrienne, Miranda and Tina were waiting for me. We took off for Orvieto, then a day in Siena, and I sent them off to Ischia. I took my free day to have lunch with friends (a whole lot of Sicilians!) at Marco & Vanessa's beautiful home, followed by a private dinner at the local cafe with Claudia, Gianni and Silvano. Tina and I covered lots of ground the next day visiting wineries all over Tuscany with my friend Stefano, including the Castello della Sala owned by the Antinori family. It's only open for one day a year for the special Cantine Aperte and we were lucky enough to go see it! We had a last hurrah in Monteleone on Monday before departing for Rome on Tuesday (and taking a day out at the beach with my friend Cristiano)... all leading up to my true departure from my lovely little adventure in Italy.
Monterossotourists in a row

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