April 13, 2007

A Lyon in the Kitchen

My mom is a chef. I bought my All-Clad eight months before I bought a bed. I cooked almost daily in my 150sf Greenwich Village apartment which was so small, my kitchen only had a pint-sized fridge that fit under the counter. Imagine my excitement when I heard from my old college buddy Nathan Lyon that he has his own cooking show on Discovery Health, focusing on local fresh foods. It's a philosophy I've always abided by, encouraged by my neighborhood in NYC and my stint in Italy.

I lived across the street from Pearl Oyster Bar and on the same block as Murray's Cheese store. I went to Faicco's for my meats and the baker for my breads. Given zero freezer space and about nine cubic feet of fridge space, I always cooked and ate fresh, and I always had to go out for my ice cream.

My bowl of the week.Living in my medieval village in Italy was much the same. I bought from the local market on Tuesdays, and on Saturdays, I bought the seasonal produce off a truck -- the sweetest cherry tomatoes (I popped them in my mouth like candy), artichokes so gorgeous that my American friends who visited thought they were fake, and arugula so tasty I ate it senza dressing.

Tune in on Thursday nights to watch Nathan, who is made for stardom, and check this out!

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