July 16, 2007

Jersey Boys on Broadway

Jersey Boys in New York City
I'm lucky enough to know Matthew Scott through his awesome aunt and uncle (who I am forever grateful to for too many things to list).

He's the swing on Broadway's Jersey Boys, and this particular day, he was performing as Frankie Valli -- to rave reviews and adoring fans. People couldn't get enough of him outside the stage door. Matt's so talented, he also performs the Bob Gaudio and Tommy Devito roles superbly (from what I hear on the streets).

If you get to see him perform, consider yourself lucky.

Fans crowding Mattwith Mike
jumpingfans raving to his proud mom
Clockwise from top left: Fans crowding Matt; Matt poses with anyone who asks; a fan raving to Matt's mom (who saw the show with us); and Mike jumping in front of the August Wilson Theater on Broadway.

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