May 26, 2005

To be or Not to be... productive

It's been a bit difficult trying to get my priorities straight, between caring for dad, managing the house (updating their wills today), doing work for Lannam, and doing work for AXA Realty. In between, though, I'm cooking for dad which I'm enjoying -- I haven't done it really since I lived in GV in NYC. Tonight we're having typical summer dinner with Vietnamese influence: barbeque chicken with corn-on-the-cob, tossed mango salad and some tomato-garlic rice on the side. My mom had some amazing five-minute recipes she used to just toss together for us as kids. I wish she'd get her cookbook done soon!

Otherwise, I have a handful of other things keeping my ADHD head busy. There are hilarious things to scan and send to family that have risen from the storage closets of the old house, my 2004 taxes to file, photos to print, copy to write, clothes to wash, and decisions to make.

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