June 04, 2005

Did you take today for Granted?

I try never to take a day for granted. It's harder than you might think. I think I've done it for about six years running. Every day is rich. I always know how the next day is going to be fulfilling. I tell the people I love that I love them. I try to learn something new every day whether it's a word, a recipe, a theory, a place, a language, a shortcut, a system, someone's opinion, whatever. I look at new art and travel to new places and eat new foods. I talk to someone who lives far away from me every single day. Sometimes to four someones. Sometimes six. Every day I write to at least half a dozen people in my life that live far away. Sometimes four hundred and fifty. Sometimes they're real letters. Maybe it's not so hard because everyone in my life lives far away.

Now I don't want to be so far away. I've boldy erased my roots. I can't find them anymore. It's just becoming a bit disconcerting. If you see the same person every day, does that give you roots? If you see 365 people once a year, does that make you rootless? It makes you virtually invisible. I think I'm becoming invisible. Well, ok, maybe just translucent.

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