June 22, 2005

In Ev's Shadow

Where Ev goes, I follow... a little later (but hey, before the masses). Not in a creepy stalker way, of course. He just casts a long shadow.

In 2000 I signed up on Blogger where I eventually even paid for a pro account to help support them (and I'd do it again). It was the perfect medium for peeps at home in the U.S. to track where I was in Asia and Australia at the time without having to blast everyone with mass mails. I was grateful for the tool. Blogger hooked me up with flickr a year and a half ago and Hello and other cool stuff.

Then Blogger and Ev moved to Google. Thanks to my active blogger account, I got a coveted invite to Gmail in April 2004 and actually gave my first two invitations away to the HUSTLER OF CULTURE and Matt, who I knew would put their accounts to good use, despite the fact that the invites were selling on eBay for up to $40 at the time.

Now, Ev and Noah Glass have created and yesssss.... I got an invite! Odeo is podcasting made easy. Get in on it now. These guys know what they're doing.

Oh, and we're one degree of separation according to friendster, too.

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