January 12, 2007

The nicest people live in New York City.

Just returned from a ridiculously fantastic two weeks in the city. I ended it the best possible way, by having dinner at my old neighborhood joint, the Blue Ribbon Bakery. I thought I was last there in June but just checking, it was Labor Day weekend of 2005 when everyone in New York was being so nice to me.

Eric, the manager there was gracious as ever, and is always super kind (he never corrected me when I'd been calling him by the wrong name forever). Jai, who has known me since I was seven years old met me there after his dinner date. I was starving, hadn't eaten especially well all week, and I asked him to join me so I could treat myself to a good last meal. Despite not having been there in 14 months, Eric remembered me, and offered us dessert on the house. He also knocked off Jai's soda, double espresso, and discounted our bottle of wine. Needless to say, I left a 30-something% cash tip and hope next time I could leave more (once I start working again!).

I've good reason to send the dozens of people I've sent to that place. And you should go, too.

P.S. I have always been a little unsure that Eric's name is really Eric, especially after I discovered I'd been calling him Ed for several months when I first met him. If you have any insight, please, share it! But for the time being, I'll keep calling him Eric. Besides, I think he hasn't quite figured out how to say my name either. :)

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