April 23, 2006

La Festa del Dolce

Dessert Festival - birdThis is the sweet life: we had a two-day dessert festival in town this weekend with stands from small villages all over Umbria with free samples of all their local desserts and wine. Our town got decked out with flags, and a horse parade this morning followed by a marching band this evening. My first stop was our own pro loco and the sweet woman there, Giuseppina gave me a plate full of cakes, cookies, and biscotti. Then she heard I had a friend in town and she filled up a second plate for me to bring home (he's out of town). I wandered the rest of the stands and tasted donuts, cookies, biscotti, and a delicious torta di fiori which had custard, chunks of chocolate, and liquor in a yellow cake base. Yum.

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