April 20, 2006

more adventures

Fontana Maggiore and the Palazzo dei PrioriAfter gawking at Perugino's Adoration of the Magi and a few small churches, Craig and I stopped in an eyeglass store in Citta della Pieve. We asked about Craig's prescription and the guy working there quickly shuffled us into his back examination room. He gave Craig a quick exam (free, after all, this is Italy), measured his prescription, and cleaned off his glasses. Then, he swept me towards the seat so he could check my eyes when I mentioned not being able to read the charts. He insisted, and sat me down and tested a few lenses on me. "Raise your prescription," he commanded. No reason to walk around unable to see.

Next day, we visited the Palazzo dei Priori and Etruscan museum in Perugia. This time, my new friends Antonio & Laura met us for drinks, and with Spring, all the cafe's had plenty of outdoor seating. We managed not to get sick on the speeding bus on windy roads all the way home.

Tomorrow he's off on his own adventure while I sleep in... or maybe do some work.

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