April 08, 2006

Say Yes.

Sleeping ShepherdPositano's black sand beachPositano at nightPositanoold man fixing his boatAmalfi CoastAmalfi CoastJump Matt and Hani Positano
Would you like to spend three unexpected days with family friends in Roma, Positano, and Pompei?

I went down to Rome planning to spend an afternoon there... then Sandy and Lori convinced me to stay overnight with them [note: it's never difficult to ask me to change my plans]. That led to a morning spent in brilliant sunshine on the Spanish Steps while they toured the Vatican, until I received a call at noon.

"We're heading to Positano this afternoon, leaving the next day for Pompei, and we booked a room for you."

Uh, yes. Amalfi coast? Yes, yes.
So there I was, a room with a view.

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ki said...

These things just keep happening to you don't they? LUCKY HANI!!!!!!!!!!!!