January 19, 2004

The Culture of Fear

I keep meaning to read Barry Glassner's book, The Culture of Fear: Why Americans Are Afraid of the Wrong Things featured in Bowling for Columbine. Even while I haven't, I completely understand his angle -- and am glad that I don't watch TV.

It's sad.
These are headlines for today's news, literally, copy and pasted from WNBC's website:

Man Shot Twice In Head On Manhattan Subway Train
Woman Dies After Being Struck By Two Hit-And-Run Drivers
Newborn Girl Found Dead On Atlantic County Beach
Police Officer Kills Himself In Standoff With Authorities
Long Island Teen Killed While Skiing Upstate
N.J. Couple Finds Grieving Mother's Message In Bottle
L.I. Bishop Holds Extraordinary Meeting With Diocese's Priests
Sharpton Leaves Campaign Trail For MLK Day But Stays On Message
New Jersey Not Most Corrupt, But More Than Most
Autopsy Confirms Woman's Electrocution
City Says No To 'Oy Vey' In Brooklyn
Police: Teenager Fatally Stabs Father, Injures Brother
Cab Driver Charged With Raping Passenger
Physician, Former Drug Company Exec Charged In Wife's Slaying
Flight Instructor, Student From N.J. Die In Fla. Plane Crash
Mourners Gather In Randolph For Cheerleader's Funeral
Man Falls Through Ice On Lake, Apparently Drowns
Woman Dies After Clothes Catch Fire

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