January 19, 2004

Deep Freeze

Parbaked Butter Croissants
In my teeny tiny village studio, I have a teeny tiny fridge. It's one of those half-size ones, a little bigger than what you had in college. And it has one of those dinky little freezer shelves -- not much use ever, and a pain in the ass to defrost. Since I just got a Fresh Direct delivery yesterday, and I haven't had a chance yet to bake my fresh parbaked bread that they make, I'm taking advantage of the New York chill, and I'm storing the breads on the fire escape in their sealed bags in an additional bag (wouldn't want any fire escape drippings from the neighbor upstairs)... Seems to be keeping them pretty well frozen. While my annual salary is probably more than 95% of the world population, I haven't a decent place to store my food -- the life of lower-middle class Big Apple Living.

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