January 22, 2004

I [heart] you

I was at the Porto Rico Importing Company trying to use up my $84 of credit there (don't ask). Since I can only drink so much coffee on my own, I noticed they had the original Necco Sweetheart Conversation Heart Candy for a mere $3 a pound -- about 500 or so candies.

While the company history is pretty amazing -- they've been making candy since 1847 and the original recipe for the hearts began as the wafers (still sold today) since 1866. In recent years, they've acquired ten companies and they're debt-free. They've been using the SAME machines to make the candy since 1908 (or replicas), and they consult the original blueprints all the time to make repairs. They do zero consumer marketing. The most interesting tidbit on the company's fun facts page? "In very low humidity NECCO Wintergreen Wafers spark in the dark when broken." Those would be the pink ones.

Since the 1990's they started to change a handful of the sayings each year to reflect the times. This year's new sayings, as stated on their site, "promote sweet dreams and new beginnings:" [although "IM Me" is a bit odd!]
3 Wishes
Ever After
New You
Charm Me
Start Now
New Love
I [heart] You

That last one is in honor of the new Love postage stamp.

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