July 22, 2004

22203 to 90405 and a few others in between

My upcoming travel schedule below. Sorry if you're all losing track of me.

FRI JUL 23 to SUN JUL 25 Boston, MA
SUN JUL 25 to WED JUL 28 New York, NY
WED JUL 28 to TUE AUG 03 Arlington, VA
TUE AUG 03 to WED AUG 18 Los Angeles and Santa Monica, CA
WED AUG 18 to WED AUG 25 San Francisco, CA
WED AUG 25 to mid-SEP Santa Monica, CA
mid-SEP to MAR 2005 Viet Nam
:: mid-NOV to end-NOV :: possibly India (Ila's wedding)
:: DEC to JAN :: Viet Nam (Lan's wedding)
:: JAN 14 to 17 :: possibly New Orleans, LA (Adam's wedding)
:: JAN to MAR :: Viet Nam
mid-MAR to TUE JUN 03 Santa Monica, CA

Well, that's the tentative plan. As always, e-mail is your best chance of catching me and the NY mobile phone number is still active.

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