July 03, 2004


If like me you don't own a television, don't worry -- you can still follow the tour LIVE on the official Tour site. The site has been up for several years now, and like television coverage, has improved tremendously. (And if you're at work during the tour, you can read from the privacy of your cubicle!)

Luckily, I'm between the Doheny's house and home for the next three weeks, both equipped with cable. Since I'll be driving to Boston and New York in the final few days, driving time will have to be planned around the Tour. This year, I can actually watch the extensive (never thought I'd get to say that) coverage on OLN.

Fortunately, we have Phil Liggett who will be covering his 32nd Tour and Paul Sherwen who will be covering his 17th. Looking forward to getting to watch my ninth Tour live and appreciate that I don't have to stay up till 2 a.m. for a 30-minute condensed coverage on ESPN2 as we once did before Americans started winning.

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