July 03, 2004

When you've got everything going for you...

What's Lance's biggest advantage? The amazing development teams from Nike, Giro and Trek who put together a unified group to research and design the customized clothing, helmets, bikes and wheels to shave as much time off of him as possible. Trek even developed a special wheel to be used ONLY for the stage on Alpe d'Huez. What's more, Lance has an unbelievable all-star team (in fact, they had too many all-stars, they had to leave two at home), the domestiques, whose singular job it is to ride for and protect Lance. And the icing on the cake is, in my vague recollection of Victor Hugo Pena's words, "Some may think only Lance is treated like King. But they treat us ALL like kings," making reference to how all teammates are given the best bicycles, helmets and gear that Lance gets too. Lance's advantage simply is that he has the BEST team out there. He has little reason to lose (and I am still rooting for Tyler).

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