July 14, 2004

Two Dads Are Better Than One

Apparently to some people, all men are created equal... only if they're straight. In light of the Federal Marriage Amendment vote today, I was motivated to read up on our Constitution, particularly breaking down the meaning of the Preamble, and even more particularly with this section of it:

"... To Form a More Perfect Union"
All the states were covetous of the sovereign power they had exercised since the break with Great Britain eleven years earlier. Balancing states' rights with the needs of a central government was no easy task. The makers of the Constitution accomplished this by letting the states keep all the powers necessary to regulate the daily lives of their citizens, provided that these powers did not conflict with the needs and welfare of the nation as a whole. This division of authority, which is termed federalism, is essentially the same today. The power of each state over local affairs in matters such as education, public health, business organization, work conditions, marriage and divorce, local taxation, and ordinary police powers is so fully recognized and accepted that two neighboring states frequently have widely differing laws on the same subject.

and this, quoted from the wordiq site:
"... To Establish Justice"
The essence of American democracy is contained in the Declaration of Independence, with its ringing phrase, "All men are created equal," and the follow-up statements "that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

Incredibly, 48 voted for the change, and gratefully, 50 did not. I just can't imagine that people could be so anti-family anti-love anti-liberty and anti-happiness. Two dads are better than one.

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