March 01, 2006


There’s a funeral today. On my way to the café in the early afternoon, I saw a color poster posted on the announcement board in town in remembrance of Fernando Constantini. I sat in the bar for several hours – between one o’clock and two, and it was empty while everyone was home having lunch. At two o’clock, a large crowd entered, the pall bearers in suits, and others dressed casually. Everyone met to go together. I left the café shortly after and noted that a very large crowd had collected at the front gate of the old city walls – they were all meeting there to proceed to the church together. Feeling as if it would be disrespectful to walk through the crowd, I took the back road so as not to disturb them as I watched the hubbub of activity. Everyone came out of their houses, faces I’ve never seen before came out for the mass service.

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