March 16, 2006

Twelve states, two continents and one more year.

Another year gone by. Twelve states and two continents and 30,000 miles covered last year. My annual letter was designed in January but never distributed (a plethora of technical difficulties to be had here in Italy)... so here it is, at least in blog form with the last six years if you've any interest or time to kill.

The whole collection:
* 2005: Saigon, Vietnam to Kapa'a, Hawaii
* 2004: Rome, Italy to Saigon, Vietnam
* 2003: Santa Monica, California to Rome, Italy
* 2002: Sydney, Australia to Santa Monica, California
* 2001: London, England to Sydney, Australia
* 2000: Montreal, Canada to London, England
* 1999: ??? to Montreal, Canada

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