March 03, 2006

A newly filled social calendar

In the last few days, I’ve become friends with several new people in town. A French woman, Ani, and I spoke in a mix of French and Italian at the café. A gorgeous 83-year old woman chatted with me in the post office today. She was so beautiful, she reminded me of my grandmother. A younger fellow, Marcello, who plays soccer with a group of the guys here asked if I held an English course. I’m quickly filling my moleskines with slang and Monteleonese, as they say. They “mangiano le parole” – eat their words – so it can be hard to understand sometimes.

Tomorrow I head to Chiusi to pick up Ashley and Sarah for their first visit to Italy. Tuesday I’ll be having a dinner party with my landlady and some friends. The following week I’ll be helping Elisa with her computer, and Marco and Chiara with their menus. It’s good to be a little useful around here! The social calendar is full.

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